Friday, 5 October 2012

| Benefit Brow Zings |

So today i wanted to do a quick review on one of my all time Favorite holy grail makeup products.
Benefit brow zings is a makeup bag staple for me, and now that I've got the dark and light kits, i could do a proper review!
so the kit includes;

  • Pigmented wax for shaping
  • Natural shaded powder for setting
  • Discreet tweezers
  • Hard angle brush
  • Blending brush

a few years back, whilst at the vitality show, i bought the 'Brows-a-gogo' kit, which is what led me to falling in love with my benefit brow kits. you can go and check brows-a-gogo out HERE!
so once i ran low, i was practically running out to my nearest benefit store, to repurchase the brow kit. 
I've used the dark kit for a couple of years now, and i don't think a day has gone by when i haven't used this bad boy, and ive only just hit pan, which is pretty impressive! so you're definitely getting your money's worth! 
i recently decided i needed the light kit in my life as well, because, as much as i am a fan of gorgeous bold brows, some days its nice to be a little more subtle. 


So, what IS the brow zings kit? well, firstly, there's a lovely creamy wax, which you use to shape your brows, with the Hard angle brush. This keeps them perfectly in shape and secure! Plus, its pigmented, so you're adding a little colour already, next,  you use the powder, and smooth it over the wax, to set your brows. with the super-soft blending brush. they also include an adorable pair of handy mini tweezers, to pluck away any annoying stray hairs!
they also include a cute little how-to guide, for new benebabes!
and viola, fabulous brows!

Anyway, i hope you guys liked this review, id definitely reccomend this product for perfect brows!

thanks for reading,

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

| Holy grail hair products |

so, although my hair isn't incredibly long, im constantly on the search for the perfect hair products to keep it in tip top condition, and im pretty sure im almost there. now, i do look after my hair, i rarely use straighteners or curlers on it, as i have naturally curly hair, and i will usually just plait it or put it up. so my hair doesn't get overly damaged. how ever i do still use quite an array of products, and this is just a quick overview of my favorites! 

TONI&GUY twist it curl balm: £6.99 100ml
For Defined curls
i use this Most evenings, when i wash my hair and put it in a plait at night, so my hair turns out super curly in the mornings! this is a really nice balm. it doesn't give your hair that horrible crusty feeling which a lot of curling products can leave on the hair (yes, ive tried a lot, yuk!) i think i got this on a 3 for £10 on Toni and guy. so i cant remember the exact price. but its well worth it, it has a gorgeous smell too, which really lingers on your hair. 

Aussie 3 minute miracle, Frizz remedy, Deep treatment: £4.50  250ml
 for misbehaving, frizzy hair. With Aloe Vera and Austraillian jojoba seed oil
i must admit, i am the kind to forget to use hair masks, even though they do Soo much good! i use this about once or twice a week and i really like this treatment, its lovely and thick, and smells AMAZING! this leaves my hair with a lovely shine to it. and it feels very conditioned and.. just.. nice :) just what it says on the tin!

The Body Shop Detangling spray: £6 250ml
For colored hair, with pracaxi oil, bilberry extract and linseed oil
this is a really nice product, i use it pretty much every day. and my hair does get slightly tangled. because it's curly and thick. but i mainly love this because of the smell. it smells like berries and fruit, its just gorrrgeous! it does make your hair feel really silky and smooth, which makes it very easy to brush out. id definitely reccomend this for people who have longer hair which knots easier! 

Aussie Dual personality Heat protection spray: £4.99 150ml
with Austraillian jojoba seed oil 
not a huge amount to say on this product. its just my favorite heat protection spray that ive ever used. it smells really nice, and seems to stop my hair dryer drying out my hair too much. the smell is lovely and lingers on the hair. 

Umberto Gianni Spa Rituals Overnight magic hair repair: £7.99 ish, i think! 150 ml
this 'no rinse' special remedy with bergamot, lavender, and honey, conditions, nourishes, beautifully smooths your hair whilst you sleep.
This is a very interesting product i think! im not used to using a hair mask which you don't wash off. but i definitely prefer this. this leaves my hair lovely and silky and smooth, and shiny, again is use this about once or twice a week, alternated with my Aussie 3 minute miracle.

*sorry for the terrible picture! this was such a hard bottle to photograph!*
TONI&GUY finishing shine spray: £5 100ml
For sparkling shine
ive definitely saved my absolute favorite hair product for last, i adore this spray! its a fine mist which you just spritz over any style, and it leaves a lovely, silky shine. i use this every day, and have already repurchased. i cant talk this product up enough! love love love!

Anyway guys, thanks for reading!

| Glade candles |

| L-R With Love, Relaxing Zen, Orange and spice |

I know this is a bit of a random post. how i have to just rave about these candles for a sec. now i usually use candles like, Yankee candles, and other pretty smelling things. when i saw these in Morrisons for £2 each, i thought id try one, i went ahead and bought the 'Pure Zen' scent. and, i don know if its because Glade is an air freshener brand, but these smell SO strong! they will fill your room with scent after a couple of minutes of burning, they're just so good. the scents are really great too. they also burn for a very very long time! So, i decided to go back and buy 2 more!
Relaxing Zen: this candle is a very fresh scent, which i love, as i am a big fan of yankee's clean cotton, and fluffy towels, soft blanket.. etc! it fills the room with a gorgeous clean smell, cant really go wrong, 
Orange and Spice: this scent is absolutely beautiful, its very warm and cosy, it'll be lovely for burning around Christmas time, fruity and fresh, yet warm and spicy, mm, 
With Love: this candle is definitely my favorite! i KID you not, this genuinely smells like Dior J'adore! it smells really womanly and perfumey, perfect for burning in a bedroom or bathroom. absolutely love this one!

Relaxing Zen

With Love 

Apple and Spice

so anyway, i know this post was a little different, but i thought id let you guys know that if you see these, they're well worth picking up! thanks for reading!


Monday, 17 September 2012

| Favorite Lip products |

i thought id just do a quick post to talk about lip products that i love! ive got.
*dont forget to click images to enlarge for a better look!*

1. Ted Baker lip glosses: Now, im not usually into lip glosses at all, i think they're weird and Sticky and feel horrible.and only really use my MAC Plush glass *mentioned below* BUT, i absolutely love these. for glosses they have the pigmentation of lipstick, and are so vivid. and aren't too watery and sticky like most lip glosses. id definitely reccomend these when they're available in boots again.

2. Natural collection Lipsticks in 'Rose Bud' & 'Sand Castle' i think for the price of natural collection lipsticks (£1.99 Each) they're actually pretty good quality. they come in quite a generous amount of lovely shades. and they're quite pigmented. they also have much better staying power than some high end brands ive tried. i love these 2 colours. sand castle is the perfect nude colour. whereas ruse bud is just a gorgeous natural pink.

MAC Plush glass in Ample Pink: This is probably the only lip gloss i actually use, i generally hate them. but i love the look these give on the lips, This is a lovely natural pink shade, and it leave your lips looking naturally full and plump. lovely! plus it tingles when you put it on, which i think feels really nice. 
ELF matte lipstick in Coral: these are really interesting. i love the colour, but i dont actually use this as a lipstick, as i feel its a little bit drying, so doesn't last long, but i love this as a lip liner, with a coral shade lipstick over the top. 

Body Shop Born lippy in Pink berry & lychee: i totally love these lip balms! i have pretty much every flavour of the little pots they also come in, but when i saw that the body shop were doing them in these handy little lipsticks, i knew i had to try some, the pink berry is a very silky lip balm, which lasts for ages and is so hydrating, and of course smells gorg! the lychee one is just as lovely but also has a slight glitter to it. And at £3, these are also a bargain!
Body Shop Lip roll on in Orange: this is very different to the born lippy sticks. but also just as nice. this little roll on is so handy to just throw in your handbag. the scent of this one is AMAZING! whereas the born lippy ones and matte, the roll-ons have a slight sheen to them. *see swatch* but the little metal roll on ball gives a lovely cool fresh feeling at the same time, lovely! 

MAC Lip conditioners. pot + stick form: i really love these. i must admit i do love the little pot version more. it smells, and tastes like chocolate. its so nice! and it gives the lips a lovey colour. although id love to get this in "petting pink" as well. the stick form is also nice, but not AS nice. its amazingly conditioning, and leaves the lips feeling smooth and soft. but it doesn't taste so great. i wouldn't be licking my lips with this, but other than that, great!

so i hope you guys liked this post. thanks for reading!


Monday, 10 September 2012

| August favourites |

| August Favorites |

Hey guys, just a quick update of some products i am LOVING this month, there are tons of products ive been using to death, but these are definitely the cream of the crop.
Dont forget to Click on the images to enlarge them!

Cherry Carmex lip balm: i know this is totally raved about in the blog world. and for good reason! this is absolutely gorgeous, i actually prefer this to higher end lip balms like MAC or liz earle. i know it sounds strange but this feels really refreshing on the lips. and smells really strongly, but not sickly, which i think is  absolutely lovely. plus, its so purse friendly too! 

The Body shop - Mineral blotting tissues: i absolutely love these, being someone who suffers quite bad oily skin, blotting tissues are an absolute handbag essential, ive actually repurchased these already, as i love them so much, as i wear mineral makeup i also love that they're mineral powder. 100% reccomend 
Barry M Lipstick in Shade 145 : So, im absolutely loving pink lipsticks at the moment, and at the moment this has been one of my favorites, this looks a lot darker on the stick than it does on the lips. this lipstick is quite glossy so i do like to set this one a little bit with some powder, but for just under a fiver, im really impressed!
Estée Lauder Pure colour Lipstick in 116 Candy : This lipstick is a beautiful colour, It is really pigmented, but also has a little shimmer in it, which i think is lovely, it has amazing staying power and doesn't budge at all! i think its definitely worth the extra money for a higher end lipstick. 
*swatches below*

Liz Earle Spot on: We all have those times when we get break outs, and ill tell you, this is a miracle worker! Literally, you put it on a spot. and its gone within 48 hours. its so great, but its also great for insect bites (great for this time of year!) Definitely worth a cheeky purchase!
The body shop smokey eyes palette: i got this pallet for Christmas, but only really discovered it recently. these colours are just so great. as you can see, the colours aren't MEGA pigmented. but theyre still really good for a smokey eye. the white is actually really really pigmented. which is great for the inner corners. the grey and the black arent too pigmented but are still good! the silvery colour is like a gel, which is good for a little sparkle! it also included a little eyeliner and a brush. i will try and do a FOTD with this pallet! 

Natural collection Lilac Shimmer: this pretty much represents all lilac eye shadows, i also have an Estée Lauder one which i have been using, but im planning on doing a review on that entire pallete! 
i love these shadows, they seem to make my eyes pop that little bit more. im not sure why this one has 'shimmer' in it, as i think its pretty matte. Plus, natural collection is inexpensive. win!

General Aussie Products!: So, im LOVING Aussie products at the moment. especially the frizz remedy collection. they're just so gorgeous and give my hair a lovely shine. plus, theyre £ for £10 in a few places at the moment, gogogo!

Anyway, thanks for reading guys! :)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Im officially on the road!

Ive been wanting to get on the road for soooo long! and i just cannot afford to run a car, so i went for a moped. and im loving it, its so easy and cheap to get around, ive got so much more freedom! me and nathan love riding about together, and people are always pointing at our bikes, romanticly chained together, haha!

my lovely dad and boyfriend helped me get my bike from this colour...

To this colour! i love it!

im so happy with it!


Little haul | Bag tutorial coming soon!

Hey! as i havent blogged for a while, i thought id do a little haul. i have quite a few clothing items ive bought recently. but i'll probably just do another haul when i remember all the little bits ive bought recently.

So, im loving silver rings at the moment, ive sort of put all my big costume rings to a side.
and i was really happy when i saw that a shop in the town i live in, was having a massive sale on "truth" rings, which i believe usually retail for around £15-£30 each. well, they are selling them off for £5 each, or 3 for £10. as the shop is having a massive clearance sale. so i had to snap up a few!

1.  i just loved this one because it was a triangle. and it has the prettiest yellow stone in it!
2. oh, exscuse the yellow-ness of this picture! i loved this little petite blue stone, so lovely and simple.
3. i liked that this one didnt have any bling on it, so it can be worn with others and not look 'too much' plus, again, so preety!
4. there was a few of these with different stones in them, but i went for tigers eye, my birth stone!
5. i love this simple elegant pattern on the plane silver band, great for stacking with any of the others!
6. all these rings have a lovely expensive finnish to them hallmarked with the 'truth' logo. inside every ring.

Next, i picked up a few bits in sainsburys, as they had a 50% off sale on the clothes. i picked up this lovely dress. its Midi length, some might think its a little garish, but i love it, i think this will look great with a plain black blazer and flats when the sun is out!

i also treated myself to some JC Lita dupes. because i cant afford the real thing just yet! :( but they are still gorgeous!
Theyre by the same brand as my beloved black velver style wedge ankle boots, "truffle" they actually seem to be a really nice quality. i got them off ebay for around £25

I know i have more than this stored away, i just havent had chance to photograph everything yet, but there will be more!
now, moving on...


So, i made this bag a while back, its a lovely Sloppy Quilted bag, its so great for just throwing stuff in and fits a surprising amount!
Its so simple to make, i'll be doing a tutorial for a bag but with other different meterials, much like this one very soon, so watch this space!



I'm back! | Level 2 Dimploma Finnished!

Hey Guys!
 I am So sorry i havent blogged in such a long time. i know that all my posts are starting with this recently.
but i really am starting up properly now. ive been very busy with college, and bijoux design, plus my dads been in hospital.
So its been very stressful!
I'm also going to try and improve my blog like, alot! im going to start using a better camera to do my pictures. and generally put more time and TLC into my blog. So Watch this space! Because i'll hopefully be majourly improving.

So im hoping to have a loverly relaxed summer, With lots and lots of blogloving!


Debdale park, Manchester

Well, i can officially, and proudly say, i have finnished my level 2 diploma in jewellery design and manufacture!
i'm so pleased. i am already on my level 3 course, however we have broken up briefly during the olympics, which i am glad about!
So i just wanted to show you guys a few of the pieces that i've made on my level 2 Course.
i hope you like them!

Thanks for reading, i hope you hadnt forgotten about me!