Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Items for sale!

So ive decided to just put up a few things which i dont use/want/wear anymore. 
most are in good condition or new, if there is any use damage i'll write it in next to the image. :)
all prices include p+p.
email me on :) 

Pauls boutique 'barbie' Bag.

Bought for £65, only used once or twice, pretty much brand new. 
Zebra print silky lining, Large bag. 

New Look Heels

bought for about £28, cant really remember.
Never worn, bottoms arent even scuffed lol.
Size 7.
Really love these, just never, ever guna wear them cus i cant walk in heels lol!

 New Look Studded Wedges

Bought for about £20
Worn About once or twice, 
size 7 
Selling because.. like i said, i cant walk in heels! lol xx

Handbag essentials!

i dont wana do a 'whats in my bag' cus theres just tooo much stuff, Im not writing it all lol!
heres some little essentials i think every girl needs handy! 
:) xxxx

Mini Beauty Bag! x

Comb: Accessorize-£3
Clip: Accessorize-£4.50
Tinted Moisturizer: E.L.F-£1.50
Pressed Powder: E.L.F-£3.50
Body spray: Boots-£2

Ipod! x

Ipod Classic: Apple-£199
Headphones: Pc World-£7.49

Purse&Travel Cards! x

Purse: Primark-£4
Travel Card holder: Cath Kidston-£8


another shoe post i know, sorry!
but i saw these online at office and couldnt resist, i love anything nautical, and i need some nice shoes for summer, boating and bbq's! :)
theyre really nice, and really comfy, id totally recommend them, you can get them in white too. and for £10 theyre a bargain! link below :)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Boots!

Sick of ruining all my nice boots in this rainy weather i decided to get some waterproof ones!
they're gorgeous and soo comfy. im pretty sure they're like a cheap re-make of the Vivienne westwood wellies, but allot cheaper! i got these from gorton market in manchester, but you can get them online aswell, i'll leave a link to an ebay seller who does them! 

:] xxx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Brit Rocks Nails!

I've been trying out loads of different nails recently. at the moment the elegant touch matte glue on nails have been my favorite. i was also happy to recently find out you can get them from savers for about £4.50 LESS than boots, Tesco etc.
But i recently found another make called "Brit rocks" which i thought i'd give a try. they're £1.99 from savers. im not sure if they sell them in other shops, and i haven't been able to find them online yet but they really good quality nails for the price, i was really surprised! but i'll leave a link for the elegant touch nails below :) x

Stylish Luggage!

So im away for the next week, and i hate lugging around horrible ugly suitcases, so was really impressed when my mam showed me this really cool thing!
Its a fold up luggage trolley which you can strap your Glam bags to, instead of a suitcase!
I think they retail at about £18 from selfridges. im in love with this, i love being able to use my stylish overnight bag when i go away now! 

Bijoux Jewellery

Hi everyone!

My page has been alot busier lately. so id love it if everyone could go check out my jewellery page?!
all handmade+100% unique!