Saturday, 31 March 2012

OOTD, Asos Dress & Bijoux Spike necklace

I was browsing ASOS and came along this lovely dress. i find it difficult getting dresses because im quite small. they usually make me look squat and frumpy. but this dress was in the petite range, ANd in the sale. at £20. i love it :)

Also. i have a new piece this week, its this spike necklace. This is available to buy 


Top: Primark
Linen Trousers: River island
Studded belt: River island
Necklace : Oliver Bonas
Shoes: Truffle

Friday, 30 March 2012

Interview in London!

sooo, i thouht id do a quick post on my day in london today. And a couple of bits that i picked up. :)
i had an interview for a jewellery design/manufacture apprenticeship at holts academy, in hatton gardens. so i can design and make my own PROPERjewellery, and do silversmithing. im really really excited. i really hope i get it, the place is amazing, and i love london! 
ill be finding out at some point next week as to weather i got the job or not. ill keep you posted! 

ps. i found a lovely designer shop called 'oliver bonas' and got a couple of bits. as my day had revolved around jewellery, i thought id treat myself to some, so i got this gorgeous necklace :) 
i also got a baby book for my cousin and his girlfriend, who are beinging their beautiful new daughter lily to see us for the first time next weekend, i cant wait! 
i also got this topshop bracelett. i did get this a few days ago, but hey-ho. this was 1.50 in the sale. bargain.

pps. i WAS going to do an outfit of the day today, but completely forgot as i was in such a rush, sozzzz :(

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Clarins after sun cream -review

So as you all probably know, its been REALLY hot the last couple of days. and i burn so easily. and i do not EVER go brown! i just go back white again :( so ive been looking for a decent after sun product.
as i got a bit of a pink back on Wednesday, i thought id do a quick review of this after-sun. 
It's by clarins, and is a lovely quality cream. its very thick and has a lovely scent to it. 
as soon as i put this on my skin it felt immediately soothed and cool. and took the sting away after one application. ill have to keep applying this and see if i turn brown at all, but id definitely reccomend this cream! 

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

i ♥ Macrame

im loving this style o jewellery at the moment. its become quite popular due to the tresor paris braceletts. so i thought i'd try it out myself. such a simple style. yet a lovely outcome. :)

jewellery giveaway coming soon!

Sunday, 25 March 2012


ive decided im going to do my giveaway after 20 followers :) So only 5 to go! 


Thursday, 22 March 2012

jewellery GIVEAWAY!

hey guys! :) 
so, i thought, i know its a BIG ask. but i you guys can help get me to 30 followers, ill do a jewellery giveaway!
a mystery gift wrapped swarovski crystal necklace, bracelett and earring set. 

so alls i need now is you girls to help me out :)!!! 

Lush/Body shop mini haul.

 i decided to go into lush today, and the body shop. so i thought id do a little mini haul :) from the body shop, i picked up a rain forest radiance detangling spray. even though my hair is short it's still quite thick, so tangles easily when wet. this smells gorgeous too, i use the rainforest radience shampoo so the smells match :)
 next i got a new bar of soap as ive ran out of soapp. this one is the orange scented one, and its LOVELY! the last thing i got was another of the 'born lippy' lipsticks. the lychee one is a clear lip balm with a hint of glitter to it. gorgeous! id love to collect all of the body shop lip balms :) 

From lush, i bought 2 of my favourite bath bomb ever. the 'space girl' bath bomb. i love its sweet smelling lovely glitteryness! :) i also bought another icle baby bot. which is also one of my favourites.
i wish lush did a loyalty card!
i aslo bought this lovely bubblegum lip scrub. it smells A-MAZING! and it leaves my lips feeling beautiul and silky smooth. plus its made from caster sugar so you can lick it off afterwards!

i also really wanted one of the 'dirty' body sprays, and shower gels. but didnt have enough money :( so i'll be putting a large online order in when i get some £££!


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Jewellery Storage!

i thought id do a quick post on how i keep/store my jewellery.
i have all my 'expensive' jewellery in the boxes still. and have some of it in this gorgeous accessorize jewellery roll. i love jewellery rolls and i actually got this one because i loved the leather one my mam has, it has different compartments and somewhere to put your rings or earrings, i always put loads of jewellery in this for when i go away, its a great way of keeping all your jewellery safe whilst on the go!

next, ive got all my necklaces hanging over these hooks on my wardrobes (it spreads over onto my second wardrobe) i love this way of storing all my costume jewellery. i think these hooks were about £1.99 each from morrisons, so, cheap and cheerful! and all my jewellery is visible for when im deciding what to wear :)

my earrings are all in this little mirrored jewellery box which my gran bought me for my 16th. i love this, but its getting a little small now, as my earring collection is expending rapidly!

the rest of my jewellery and hair clips are in this acrylic box which just sits on my dressing table. this just has all the other bits (rings, braceletts, watches, etc.) i got this box in a big ted baker beauty set, but i believe theyre available in alot of places online :)

if youve got any questiones about any of my storage, or jewellery bits, just comment and let me know!

mwah xxx

Gorgeous Morgan

So, i know this is a 'beauty' blog. BUT, i thought id do a quick post on the MOST beautiful little thing in my life!
This is morgan. Shes our beautiful spaniel puppy. shes absolutely adorable and has the funniest personality. i love puppies/dogs, theyre so loving, morgan is constantly after cuddles. or trying to give me baths. (lol :) ) So i just thought id share a few pics of her with you. as she is very special to me :)

do any of you guys have a cute little friend? :)

Versatile Blogger Award!

i was awarded this by the beautiful Emily :)

Here are the rules:

-Thank the person that nominated you with a link back!
-Tell 7 things about you!
-Pass this on to 9 newly discovered blogs and let them know they received the award!

7 things about me:
1) im only just regaining my confidence after high school bullies. 
2) im completely passionate about jewellery. you could be wearing a bin bag but, the jewellery makes it!
3) I have a beautiful 5 month old puppy, who i adore! if you would like to be introduced. let me know and ill do a quick post!
4) I loooooove sean paul, vybz kartel, and gyptian.
5) id be lost without my ipad. 
6) love hearts are my favourite sweets.
7) I wish i looked like holly willoughby!

9 blogs I give the award to: 

Emily at The not so perfect life
Lana at My Vouge Obsession
Kayley at Phat fashion and beauty
Sarah at Ohh so glam..
Lizzie at Lizzie's Style
Harri at Harri's hair and beauty
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Katie at Gold Dust

Sunday, 18 March 2012


So my lovelies. Would you all follow me on twitter? I'm interesting, honest!!

Favourite ever jewellery pieces

Tiffanys Dove Necklace
for anyone who knows me, they know i have a complete passion for jewellery! 
i adore beautiful metals, and anything with some sparkle. 
So i just thought i'd show you some of my personal all time favorite pieces. 
(by the way, most of these were 18th birthday presents. im not always buying extravagant jewellery) 

Tiffanys Return to. Pendant
 My first two pieces are both Tiffany bits. the first one is the classic 'return to Tiffanys' pendant (its a bit grubby at the moment because i haven't worn it in a while. but a quick dip in some silver polish will sort that.) my mum bought me this when she went to new york for thanksgiving, it was a christmas present, i love it!

The Second one was a present from my boyfriend for my 18th. its a sterling silver dove on a chain. its absolutely beautiful! tiffanys silver is totally gorgeous and worth the money. i wanted this for ages, and i love love love it!

Swarovski Crystal charm bracelett
 my next Favorite is my swarovski Crystal charm bracelet. i love charm bracelets because they can be added onto on Christmas birthdays, special occasions etc. i looked through a few different brands of charm bracelets, and different designs. but when i went into the swarovski shop and saw how sparkly the crystals were i just loved them. the chain and the 18 charm were a present from my gran for my 18th, the bow was also an 18th present. the heart, and bird and the locket were all Christmas presents. this is a piece which just gets nicer and nicer!

Blue topaz Earrings
Next is a pair of white gold earrings i recieved as a joint present between all my aunties and uncles. for my 18th birthday, again., lol like i said, theyre white gold, with a blue topaz stone set in them. which is my birthstone. and above the stone is a teeny tiny diamond, which is beautiful. i love these earrings. but save them for special occasions.
isle of wight peal braceletts

Next, is these two gorgeous pearl bracelets. They're From the pearl shop in the isle of wight. For those who have never been to the isle of wight, the pearl shop is quite a large attraction. i absolutely love it. its huge, and has a couple of different jewellery shops attached to it. we always visit the shop at least once every holiday. and i love getting some pearls as a cheeky holiday treat. Plus theyre local isle of wight fresh water pearls, which i think makes them even more special!
Disney Couture bangle

Last but not least is this Disney couture bangle. i couldn't get a decent picture of it. as there's so many lovely bits on it. I think they're gold plated. and mine has baby pink enamel Around it. All of the bangles have some sort of Disney quote on them. this one Says "have faith in your dreams" Which i believe is a quote from cinderalla. And anyone who knows me, knows im an old school Disney lover! i adore all of the classic Disney films. So this was perfect. This was a gift from my boyfriend, and i think its From asos. so go check out the whole collection. :)

Thanks for reading, And i LOVE seeing peoples jewellery collections. So, what are your fave jewellery pieces?

Saturday, 17 March 2012

I ❤ Hamsa Hands! x x

So i've got another new piece this week. 
this cute hamsa hand bracelett and earring set. with or without swarovski crystals. 
check them out here!

i do sell over paypal, lots of people ask why so ill tell you for why.
i make every piece to order. therefor cant put every possible variation of one design up. 
so you basically email me with specific colours, sizes etc that you need. because at the end of the day, all you ladies are different! 
my email is
if you order. you get 20% off your next order! 

Thanks for reading 

everyday eye makeup :)

soo, i was bored, and finally remembered to do pictures thismorning! so i thought id show a quick 'everyday eyes' tutorial :) 

 start off using some sort of eyelid primer, i use the ELF one, in gold. because i wear gold eyeshadow, it just helps build up the colour :) then i usually use a cream gold shadow, then a powder. then line your eyes with white pencil. and put a little sparkly white shadow in the corner of your eyes.

add a sweep of liquid eyeliner over your lid. i use banefit magic ink as i feel it stays all day (: 
add some mascara and define your brows, i love benefit brow zings. 
and youre done! 


Get to know me!

Tagged by the gorgeous Emily :) xxx
im not guna do the questiones just yet, but i'll add my own if i can think of any decent questiones! 

My 11 questions; 
1. Are you spontaneous? 
id say yeah. i dont nessecearily think its a good thing, because im constantly making impulse buys, when i dont have ANY money, ever. my tattoos were all spontaneous, which is alright, because i love them. but one day i might do something i regret haha! 

2. Who was the hottest teacher you ever had and what did they teach? 
oh godd.. erm.. he wasnt a teacher, he was a head. he had that sorta older man george clooney vibe. he was pretty damn sexy.

3. Have you ever wrote a poem? 
yes actually. not since like primrary school, or the wierd goth stage, but the less i talk about that the better! haha, i wrote a poem in about year 4 that i thought was so brilliant i legit thought i might become famous because of it. it probably didnt even rhyme!

4. Is there one thing all of your boyfriends or crushes have had in common? 
nah not really. theyre all pretty different. although i have gone out with like 4 guys named nathan? including my boyfriend at the moment. oo-er. 

5. What was your childhood nickname? 
lollie -_- not so much a childhood nickname. because my family still call me it!

6. What is the stupidest thing you've ever done? 
im not sure really. probably getting with some of the nob'eds ive gone out with. thats about it! im pretty smart me lol. 

7. Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend? 
yeah i suppose so, i wouldnt be big headed like and say im a brilliant friend but i think im alright lol 

8. When was the last time you were truly happy? 
im truly happy right now! 

9. What’s your biggest regret? 
i dont have any regrets :)

10. What are your goals in life? 
study jewellery, open a designer jewellery boutique :) diamonnnnnndsss!

11. Are you usually late, early or right on time?

im usually annoyingly early actually. i catch people unprepared hahaha

Friday, 16 March 2012

Skincare/Liz Earle Review

So.. i thought i'd do a little post on my skincare routine, although its all liz earle. so its more of a review... so, i know alot of people are raving about these products, but i just have to say; 

Liz Earle!
i love all these procucts, ive been using them for about a year now so thought id do a review! 

Cleanse and Polish: i love this, doesnt everyone? its lovely and creamy, and has a gorgeous natural smell to it. id definitely recommend this cleanser to anyone, especially somebody with sensitive skin like mine. i love the method of using the muslin cloths with it aswell. i use the body shop ones. i did use the liz earle ones, but moved to the body shop ones as theyre thicker, and better quality. 

Instant skin boost tonic: i love this product, im not usually keen on toners, and used to use a nutrimetics one, but hated the scent, but again this has a lovely natural flowery scent to it. it makes the skin feel refreshed, and just, lovely! i use this in a little spirtzer bottle which i got free at some point with a gift set, i just fill it up from the full sized bottles :) 

Skin Repair moisturiser: This is my sort of.. night time moisturizer, bacause i use my body shop Illuminating cream in the mornings. but this moisturiser is very thick and creamy, and has the same gorgeous scent to it. ive got acne and this skin reair misturiser has worked brilliantly on toning it down. plus its brilliant for putting on new tattoos! lol :) 

Face Masks: I use two different facial masks, 'intensive nourishing' and 'deep cleansing'. the nourishing face mask is a white face mask, which feels a little more like a thick cleanser. when removed it leaves your skin with a lovely glow to it. The deep cleansing mask is like a thick mud mask. it leaves you feeling thoroughly cleaned and fresh.

So anyway, i ADORE all of these liz earle products, just visit the website to see loads more, and theyre quite often on QVC, so id definitely reccomend having a look!


FOTD! :)

i was off out to do some shopping today so i thought id show you a quick fotd. :)

Face - Elf flawless finnish foundation in porcelain, &CCUK loose powder in translucent.
blush- MAC blush, in dame.
eyeshadow- Chilli pepper warm pallete- gold
pencil eyeliner- rimmel khol pencil (white)
liquid eyeliner- benefit magic ink eyeliner.
mascara - benefit 'theyre real!' &ted baker beauty mascara
white shadow - ted baker beauty loose eyeshadow
lips - body shop born lippy lipstick in berry.
brows- benefit Brow zings.

:) xxx

Saturday, 10 March 2012

disco, disco, dicso!!

Im loving all the 'dicso ball' shamballa style bracelets, so i thought
id make some myself for my collection!
check them out here :)
available in silver or pink!



Punky in pink!

Get punky with these Cute, quirky pink skull pieces!
Bracelett and earring set £11!

+ £1.50 p+p

Thursday, 8 March 2012

T❤ttoos & piercings

okay so, i dont have many, but i thought id do a blog post anyway, 
My first tattoo was on my wrist, it says 'familia' which means family in latin, sort of obvious, lol!
i got this because i love every person in my family. theyre the most special people to me in the world. i got this to show that family are the most important people in my life. the three birds Represent my mother, father, and brother. 

My second tattoo is on the back of my neck, and again, is a family based design, It's 2 B's, facing eachother, intwined. my mum and dads names are Brian and Belinda, so obviously, thats that. And then an anchor in the middle, Representing the strength and security my mum and dad give me (soppy, i know)
i love this tattoo, although it isnt finnished yet, the anchor needs some colours on it!

i dont really have piercings, but i would love to have more, i want my tounge and my noce done, i only have my ears pierced at the moment. i need them done a couple more times though, because, as you can see. i have a massive earring collection!! 


Body shop Illuminating moisturiser

i picked up this lovely illuminating moisturiser from the body shop, as ive been looking for one for a while but all of the high end prices are far too much.
i saw this one in the body shop for £10 and thought id give it a try,
its got a lovely pale pinky kind of glow to it. And leaves a really nice dewy bright look to the skin. 
itd also really nice to apply right before your makeup. id say this is more of a morning cream. than a night cream. id definitely recommend this product!