Thursday, 8 March 2012

Cambridge Shopping Mini haul :)

I went into cambridge yesterday as i was going to visit my mummy in hospital as shes had an operation on her foot :(
So i thought id hit the shops and make a day of it! 
i thought id just show you a few of the things i got :)


I picked up this necklace whilst i was in topshop. i love all the freedom at topshop jewellery but just honestly cant afford it. i was looking at a few sets of rings, and some earrings, but couldn't justify the money they were!
So i picked up this three tiered necklace, i loved the design, its quite quirky. and i suppose if you look at it as 3 necklaces for £8.50 its not bad! 


I love lush, and i do have my favourites, so i decided to pick them up whilst i was in town, i bought the 'out of this world' Gift set, i love these and just couldnt resist getting one, the 'space girl' bath bomb is my favourite, as it smells of parma violets! it also contains a 'rock star soap' which is also gorgeous. i also bought a seperate  space girl bath bomb. as it is my favourite! and an icle baby bot. im gutted that they've stopped selling the 'icle baby bombs' i used to always have them as a treat when i was little. 


After not being able to afford any of the nice jewellery in topshop, i decided to go and have a look in primark. i picked up a few nice bits, primark jewellery might not be the best quality. but trends come and go anyway, i dont want to spend a load of money on a necklace which wont be suiting my clothes in a few months time! 
i bought one of the watched primark are doing at the moment, with the sort of ribbon straps. im not really into watches but quite liked this design, it doesnt feel so heavy on the wrist. next i got this nautical necklace (i love nautical, if you hadnt noticed!) it was in the 'primark girls' section. but its still absolutely fine for anyone, and for £1.50 i thought it was really nice! 
i got a shirt aswell, this was £5 and obviously my eye was caught by the lovely big anchor on the front! i also got a couple of the 9 packs of earrings as i always love to have a big collection of nice studs to choose from. :)

Body shop

just got a couple of bits from the body shop, i wont go into too much detail as im going to do a proper review in my next post. but ive been looking for a nice brightening face cream for a while to wake my skin up a little bit in the mornings, and now ive found one! this body shop one is lovely, like i said. review coming :)
i also bought this lovely lip balm. ive used the 'born lippy' lip balms for years, in the pots. but ive never seen them in this lipstick form before. its lovely. and leaves your lips feeling moisturised and plump. gorgeous! :) and for just £3, a bargain too!


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