Sunday, 18 March 2012

Favourite ever jewellery pieces

Tiffanys Dove Necklace
for anyone who knows me, they know i have a complete passion for jewellery! 
i adore beautiful metals, and anything with some sparkle. 
So i just thought i'd show you some of my personal all time favorite pieces. 
(by the way, most of these were 18th birthday presents. im not always buying extravagant jewellery) 

Tiffanys Return to. Pendant
 My first two pieces are both Tiffany bits. the first one is the classic 'return to Tiffanys' pendant (its a bit grubby at the moment because i haven't worn it in a while. but a quick dip in some silver polish will sort that.) my mum bought me this when she went to new york for thanksgiving, it was a christmas present, i love it!

The Second one was a present from my boyfriend for my 18th. its a sterling silver dove on a chain. its absolutely beautiful! tiffanys silver is totally gorgeous and worth the money. i wanted this for ages, and i love love love it!

Swarovski Crystal charm bracelett
 my next Favorite is my swarovski Crystal charm bracelet. i love charm bracelets because they can be added onto on Christmas birthdays, special occasions etc. i looked through a few different brands of charm bracelets, and different designs. but when i went into the swarovski shop and saw how sparkly the crystals were i just loved them. the chain and the 18 charm were a present from my gran for my 18th, the bow was also an 18th present. the heart, and bird and the locket were all Christmas presents. this is a piece which just gets nicer and nicer!

Blue topaz Earrings
Next is a pair of white gold earrings i recieved as a joint present between all my aunties and uncles. for my 18th birthday, again., lol like i said, theyre white gold, with a blue topaz stone set in them. which is my birthstone. and above the stone is a teeny tiny diamond, which is beautiful. i love these earrings. but save them for special occasions.
isle of wight peal braceletts

Next, is these two gorgeous pearl bracelets. They're From the pearl shop in the isle of wight. For those who have never been to the isle of wight, the pearl shop is quite a large attraction. i absolutely love it. its huge, and has a couple of different jewellery shops attached to it. we always visit the shop at least once every holiday. and i love getting some pearls as a cheeky holiday treat. Plus theyre local isle of wight fresh water pearls, which i think makes them even more special!
Disney Couture bangle

Last but not least is this Disney couture bangle. i couldn't get a decent picture of it. as there's so many lovely bits on it. I think they're gold plated. and mine has baby pink enamel Around it. All of the bangles have some sort of Disney quote on them. this one Says "have faith in your dreams" Which i believe is a quote from cinderalla. And anyone who knows me, knows im an old school Disney lover! i adore all of the classic Disney films. So this was perfect. This was a gift from my boyfriend, and i think its From asos. so go check out the whole collection. :)

Thanks for reading, And i LOVE seeing peoples jewellery collections. So, what are your fave jewellery pieces?


  1. The tiffany's dove necklace is AMAZING! So gorgeous! :) xxx

  2. Aw thanks i know, hinted a my boyfriend about it for about 3 months ahah!

    new follower :) xx

  3. The dove necklace is so beautiful! Envy over here! xxx

    1. Tiffanys silvers definitely worth every penny. It looks like its made out of liquid! Beautiful! One of the 'cheaper' things on tiffanys though! Lol x x