Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Gorgeous Morgan

So, i know this is a 'beauty' blog. BUT, i thought id do a quick post on the MOST beautiful little thing in my life!
This is morgan. Shes our beautiful spaniel puppy. shes absolutely adorable and has the funniest personality. i love puppies/dogs, theyre so loving, morgan is constantly after cuddles. or trying to give me baths. (lol :) ) So i just thought id share a few pics of her with you. as she is very special to me :)

do any of you guys have a cute little friend? :)


  1. Aww shes so cute! I have a black lab called Millie :D She is so adorable and cuddly :') I love my puppy! xx

  2. They're just so lovely aren't they? They've got so much love to give its adorable. I'd love to see a pic of urs xx