Friday, 30 March 2012

Interview in London!

sooo, i thouht id do a quick post on my day in london today. And a couple of bits that i picked up. :)
i had an interview for a jewellery design/manufacture apprenticeship at holts academy, in hatton gardens. so i can design and make my own PROPERjewellery, and do silversmithing. im really really excited. i really hope i get it, the place is amazing, and i love london! 
ill be finding out at some point next week as to weather i got the job or not. ill keep you posted! 

ps. i found a lovely designer shop called 'oliver bonas' and got a couple of bits. as my day had revolved around jewellery, i thought id treat myself to some, so i got this gorgeous necklace :) 
i also got a baby book for my cousin and his girlfriend, who are beinging their beautiful new daughter lily to see us for the first time next weekend, i cant wait! 
i also got this topshop bracelett. i did get this a few days ago, but hey-ho. this was 1.50 in the sale. bargain.

pps. i WAS going to do an outfit of the day today, but completely forgot as i was in such a rush, sozzzz :(


  1. Those two bracelets are so pretty and are really unique. :) I really hope everything goes well and you get it. <3