Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Jewellery Storage!

i thought id do a quick post on how i keep/store my jewellery.
i have all my 'expensive' jewellery in the boxes still. and have some of it in this gorgeous accessorize jewellery roll. i love jewellery rolls and i actually got this one because i loved the leather one my mam has, it has different compartments and somewhere to put your rings or earrings, i always put loads of jewellery in this for when i go away, its a great way of keeping all your jewellery safe whilst on the go!

next, ive got all my necklaces hanging over these hooks on my wardrobes (it spreads over onto my second wardrobe) i love this way of storing all my costume jewellery. i think these hooks were about £1.99 each from morrisons, so, cheap and cheerful! and all my jewellery is visible for when im deciding what to wear :)

my earrings are all in this little mirrored jewellery box which my gran bought me for my 16th. i love this, but its getting a little small now, as my earring collection is expending rapidly!

the rest of my jewellery and hair clips are in this acrylic box which just sits on my dressing table. this just has all the other bits (rings, braceletts, watches, etc.) i got this box in a big ted baker beauty set, but i believe theyre available in alot of places online :)

if youve got any questiones about any of my storage, or jewellery bits, just comment and let me know!

mwah xxx

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