Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lush/Body shop mini haul.

 i decided to go into lush today, and the body shop. so i thought id do a little mini haul :) from the body shop, i picked up a rain forest radiance detangling spray. even though my hair is short it's still quite thick, so tangles easily when wet. this smells gorgeous too, i use the rainforest radience shampoo so the smells match :)
 next i got a new bar of soap as ive ran out of soapp. this one is the orange scented one, and its LOVELY! the last thing i got was another of the 'born lippy' lipsticks. the lychee one is a clear lip balm with a hint of glitter to it. gorgeous! id love to collect all of the body shop lip balms :) 

From lush, i bought 2 of my favourite bath bomb ever. the 'space girl' bath bomb. i love its sweet smelling lovely glitteryness! :) i also bought another icle baby bot. which is also one of my favourites.
i wish lush did a loyalty card!
i aslo bought this lovely bubblegum lip scrub. it smells A-MAZING! and it leaves my lips feeling beautiul and silky smooth. plus its made from caster sugar so you can lick it off afterwards!

i also really wanted one of the 'dirty' body sprays, and shower gels. but didnt have enough money :( so i'll be putting a large online order in when i get some £££!


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