Friday, 16 March 2012

Skincare/Liz Earle Review

So.. i thought i'd do a little post on my skincare routine, although its all liz earle. so its more of a review... so, i know alot of people are raving about these products, but i just have to say; 

Liz Earle!
i love all these procucts, ive been using them for about a year now so thought id do a review! 

Cleanse and Polish: i love this, doesnt everyone? its lovely and creamy, and has a gorgeous natural smell to it. id definitely recommend this cleanser to anyone, especially somebody with sensitive skin like mine. i love the method of using the muslin cloths with it aswell. i use the body shop ones. i did use the liz earle ones, but moved to the body shop ones as theyre thicker, and better quality. 

Instant skin boost tonic: i love this product, im not usually keen on toners, and used to use a nutrimetics one, but hated the scent, but again this has a lovely natural flowery scent to it. it makes the skin feel refreshed, and just, lovely! i use this in a little spirtzer bottle which i got free at some point with a gift set, i just fill it up from the full sized bottles :) 

Skin Repair moisturiser: This is my sort of.. night time moisturizer, bacause i use my body shop Illuminating cream in the mornings. but this moisturiser is very thick and creamy, and has the same gorgeous scent to it. ive got acne and this skin reair misturiser has worked brilliantly on toning it down. plus its brilliant for putting on new tattoos! lol :) 

Face Masks: I use two different facial masks, 'intensive nourishing' and 'deep cleansing'. the nourishing face mask is a white face mask, which feels a little more like a thick cleanser. when removed it leaves your skin with a lovely glow to it. The deep cleansing mask is like a thick mud mask. it leaves you feeling thoroughly cleaned and fresh.

So anyway, i ADORE all of these liz earle products, just visit the website to see loads more, and theyre quite often on QVC, so id definitely reccomend having a look!



  1. Thanks for the lovely comment. I am following you.
    I love the cleanse and polish use it everyday :)

  2. I've just started following you and so glad to see this post. I ordered the same kit as you yesterday so im happy to see you like it, I'm hoping it gonna work for my blemish prone skin! X

    1. Good choice! Like I've said I've been using it for probably well over a year. It's brilliant. I you're prone to blemishes, liz Earle do a little roll on oil to put on spots. Literally gets rid of them overnight! I'd recommend that too xx

  3. Hey girl, I just tagged you in my post of 11 questions, I hope you do it! :D xx