Thursday, 8 March 2012

T❤ttoos & piercings

okay so, i dont have many, but i thought id do a blog post anyway, 
My first tattoo was on my wrist, it says 'familia' which means family in latin, sort of obvious, lol!
i got this because i love every person in my family. theyre the most special people to me in the world. i got this to show that family are the most important people in my life. the three birds Represent my mother, father, and brother. 

My second tattoo is on the back of my neck, and again, is a family based design, It's 2 B's, facing eachother, intwined. my mum and dads names are Brian and Belinda, so obviously, thats that. And then an anchor in the middle, Representing the strength and security my mum and dad give me (soppy, i know)
i love this tattoo, although it isnt finnished yet, the anchor needs some colours on it!

i dont really have piercings, but i would love to have more, i want my tounge and my noce done, i only have my ears pierced at the moment. i need them done a couple more times though, because, as you can see. i have a massive earring collection!! 



  1. I LOVE your tattoos!! Check mine out;


  2. Thanks :)! Can't wait to have my anchor finished xxx

  3. Aw that neck tattoo is so cute :)

    Katie x