Friday, 27 April 2012

Pauls boutique bag FOR SALE!

Im selling this pauls boutique bag, ive had it a while and only used it a couple of times, it just isnt really my style. 
Im selling for £35 or if youd like to put an offer in haha! :) ill post anywhere, so yeah :) 
lemme know if you're interested! 

heres a few pics, 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

HAUL! (Pic heavy)

Jack Wills : LUSH : &More!

This Haul is a bit of a geeky one, because i went out to get some bits for college, but some of them were so lovely i wanted to do a quick haul. i wanted to get a backpack for when i start at Holts Academy on Monday, and i found this gorgeous one in Jack Wills, i couldnt resist! i also bought a few stationary bits. i bought some pens aswell (as i didnt seem to have any?) a couple were from jack wills. and i bought a pen and 2 pencils from 'the pen shop' theyre by ICE London and hve swarovski crystals on the top. in jack wills i also picked up one of these 'Malaria No more' Braceletts, which ill be wearing alot! 

Next, we went into lush, and the first thing we did was sign the 'Stop animal testing' petition, and wrote our names on the window. You can sign the petition HERE!

i bought a few bits whilst i was in the shop aswell. i treated myself to a 'Shiny Happy People' gift set, a dorothy bubble bar, and a 'Happy Blooming' massage bar, also the other day my dad bought me back a 'Twilight Bath Ballistic', an Icle Baby Bot, and a Creamy Candy bubble bar, so i thought id include those in here too :) 

Last, i went into my favourite little boutique 'Rosie and dolly' I spoke to the lady in the shop today, and she told me they ARE in the process of getting online, so ill keep you guys updated!
i just bought a couple of bits, firstly this necklace, which i thought was a beautiful statement piece, and two rings, they were both from the little vintage cabinet :) 

I hope youve enjoyed this haul. and ill be back in a couple of days with more posts! 


Monday, 23 April 2012

Spiral Curls & JOTD!

Since ive got my hair short. ive found it really difficult to curl my hair with a curling tong without burning my hands, so ive been using these curlers by Remington, which you can buy on various websites and eBay, mine are quite old now, but they never let me down! they live in an 'incubator' type case, i think it looks a bit like a sea anenomy. aha. so you plus it in, and the flexible rubber rollers get hot. then you just wrap your hair around as you would with any other flexi roller. then you simply push the rubber 'zig-zags' through the hole. and your hair should be held in place. youll eventually end up with this lovely attractive heap of curlers on your head. leave them for 10-15 (depending on your hair type. if you have naturally curly hair they will work quicker) minutes and carefully take them out and you should be left with lovely spiral curls. and dont take nearly as long as using tongs!

The jewellery im wearing today is new to Bijoux Jewellery

im loving spikes at the moment, and ive already made my small spike necklace, but i thought id do something a little more extreeme. 

You can purchase this set HERE!

Sunday, 22 April 2012


OOTD - 21.04.12

Chiffon Shirt - Young blood
Skull Under-Top - Ebay
Leggins - Laredoute
 Rings - Primark, unknown, River island
Shoes - T.U.K
Nails - Barry M Berry lilac


Nail Varnish haul

ive been growing my nails for a while now, so ive become a bit obsessed with buying nail varnishes.
i was in town the other day and picked up a few new ones. 

Barry M nail paint: Berry Lilac: I love this colour. ive bought a few pastel colours and i was looking for a nice lilac colour for a while. and i think Barry m can always be relied on for lovely colours. this nail 
polish is a little bit thin, however, after a few coats its lovely! 
Models Own glitter varnish: Pink fizz: My local boots is pretty small, so they don't have models own nail varnishes, but when i went to the bigger boots i found them, ive never used models own before,   so i wanted to try it out, i bought this lovely pale pink glitter. its a really dense glitter so there's enough in only one coat. 
Rimmel London lasting finish: Disco Ball: i quite liked the look of this varnish however i was slightly dissapointed with the density of the glitter, but it is quite a pretty top coat. i find i need a few layers though to get it how i like it.
Barry M nail paint: Red Glitter: I love this nail varnish! the glitter is so dense it looks metallic. its absolutely lovely! this nail polish only needs one coat, although id probably do a quick coat of a red polish underneath anyway. 
L-R: Berry Lilac, Disco ball, Pink fizz, Red Glitter

I also bought a W7 Nudes set. this is a pack of little miniatures in lovely nude colours.
there's a white, and then a pink, a beige (for french manicures) and then a lovely dark mauve color. im really glad i bought this :) 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

EyeLuvBrows Product Review / NOTD

My mum bought me this lovely eyeluvbrows Set, because it was on offer on
and i absolutely love it! its a gorgeous set completely dedicated to eyebrows!
ive used my benefit Brow Zings for years now, and swear by it, but i think i may have found a new love! 
all the bits come in this lovely zip up bag. 

 the Set contains: 
3 x different shades of brown powders,
8 x eyebrow stencils
Brow razor
5x brushes
eyebrow gel

i love every single thing in this handy little kit! the brushes and beautiful and soft. the powders are beautiful and natural looking, and doesn't make you look like you've been drawing your eyebrows on with a pen. the gel works like eyebrow hairspray and helps you keep your brows in the shape you'd like. and the little razor is great for getting rid of the small fine hairs above the brows which are tricky to pluck. the tweezers are also absolutely lovely! 
i would definitely 100% recommend this set to others who love perfectly groomed eyebrows! 

x x x 


i bought this lovely polish yesterday as im looking for some great pastel colours. this is one of the Rimmel 'Lasting finnish' Polishes. its like a pretty pastel green

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

whats in my bag TAG & OOTD

i couldnt think of a blogk that i could do, so i thought id go with a whats in my bag today. so, here you go!

i know that soooo many people have this bag, but for good reason, its gorgeous! if only i could afford the real rocco bag! its just a plain black leather effect bag, with studs on the bottom and a floral lining. 

i do always have quite a clean bag because i do clean it out quite often. im not 'fake' or whatever, lol. 

so heres some of the bits i have in my bag on a daily basis. :)
ipad, (case: Accessorize)
Studded Purse- River island
Notebook: Cath kidston
Travel card holder: Cath kidston
HSBC secure key.
Pink aviator glasses:  cant rememberr! M&S i think?
me to you tissues :3
ipod (case: Ebay)
white Musk body spray: the body shop
makeup Bag: MAC
Leather gloves: Accessorize
L Keyring: Accessorize
Headphone Splitter: Accessorize

Inside my Travel makeup bag:

Mirror: Dandy @ disaster designs
Pressed Powder: ELF
blotting tissues: Body shop
tinted moisturiser: ELF
feminax (just in case, lol!) 
Comb: Body shop
Lipstick Holder: local boutique
Lip balm: Body shop Lychee glitter lip balm

astec tunic: River island
Jacket: F&F at tesco
Necklace: Accessorize
Rings: river island, Dorothy Perkins, Peacocks
Boots: evans
Nails: Pearlised blue w/disco ball top coat
studded bow gloves: Accessorize

I was so happy that the sun came out this afternoon, me and morgan had a little chill time on the grass in the garden :)