Monday, 16 April 2012

Collective Haul.

River Island - Peacocks - Charity Shop

Been spending a little too much money on shopping lately. oopss! but yeah, i ordered a few things i couldn't resist from river island. firstly i got this aztec print tunic (which is more like a dress. because im annoyingly small.) i loved this, plus it was a bargain in the sale, £7! :) next i bought this lovely purse, ive been looking for a new purse for ages, i wanted one like my mums which is a hinged purse with a clip at the top. but hers is Radley and im not spending £80 on a purse! its a lovely soft faux leather meterial. with little gold studs all over it. :) last i bought this pack of 3 rings, topshop did ones similar at one point but i wasnt quick enough! so i was happy when i found these.

I also went into peacocks and the charity shop. From peackocks i just got a couple or rings which were in the sale. the first one is this sort of wing design, which was lovely. and was £1.50. and the second was this lovely set of stacking rings with coloured stones. these were also £1.50. in the charity shop i found a nice body shop makeup bag. i decided to use it for my muslin cloths and headband and stuff :)


  1. you have the nicest style in rings!!