Wednesday, 18 April 2012

EyeLuvBrows Product Review / NOTD

My mum bought me this lovely eyeluvbrows Set, because it was on offer on
and i absolutely love it! its a gorgeous set completely dedicated to eyebrows!
ive used my benefit Brow Zings for years now, and swear by it, but i think i may have found a new love! 
all the bits come in this lovely zip up bag. 

 the Set contains: 
3 x different shades of brown powders,
8 x eyebrow stencils
Brow razor
5x brushes
eyebrow gel

i love every single thing in this handy little kit! the brushes and beautiful and soft. the powders are beautiful and natural looking, and doesn't make you look like you've been drawing your eyebrows on with a pen. the gel works like eyebrow hairspray and helps you keep your brows in the shape you'd like. and the little razor is great for getting rid of the small fine hairs above the brows which are tricky to pluck. the tweezers are also absolutely lovely! 
i would definitely 100% recommend this set to others who love perfectly groomed eyebrows! 

x x x 


i bought this lovely polish yesterday as im looking for some great pastel colours. this is one of the Rimmel 'Lasting finnish' Polishes. its like a pretty pastel green


  1. love your nail polish! Thats like my favorite pastel color!

  2. wow this looks great!well done mum!

    1. Thankyou, she's got good taste, lol!

      now following you :) x

  3. Woo go mum haha, she certainly picked a great gift! :)