Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nail Varnish haul

ive been growing my nails for a while now, so ive become a bit obsessed with buying nail varnishes.
i was in town the other day and picked up a few new ones. 

Barry M nail paint: Berry Lilac: I love this colour. ive bought a few pastel colours and i was looking for a nice lilac colour for a while. and i think Barry m can always be relied on for lovely colours. this nail 
polish is a little bit thin, however, after a few coats its lovely! 
Models Own glitter varnish: Pink fizz: My local boots is pretty small, so they don't have models own nail varnishes, but when i went to the bigger boots i found them, ive never used models own before,   so i wanted to try it out, i bought this lovely pale pink glitter. its a really dense glitter so there's enough in only one coat. 
Rimmel London lasting finish: Disco Ball: i quite liked the look of this varnish however i was slightly dissapointed with the density of the glitter, but it is quite a pretty top coat. i find i need a few layers though to get it how i like it.
Barry M nail paint: Red Glitter: I love this nail varnish! the glitter is so dense it looks metallic. its absolutely lovely! this nail polish only needs one coat, although id probably do a quick coat of a red polish underneath anyway. 
L-R: Berry Lilac, Disco ball, Pink fizz, Red Glitter

I also bought a W7 Nudes set. this is a pack of little miniatures in lovely nude colours.
there's a white, and then a pink, a beige (for french manicures) and then a lovely dark mauve color. im really glad i bought this :) 

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