Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Room Tour!

Disclaimer : if you don't have an interest in these kind of posts, you don't have to read. plus i am in no way bragging. just to clear that up :)

So ive seen these room tour posts a lot recently so i thought id do one myself. By the way, i have a lot of stuff/clutter, i do share my room with my boyfriend, so some of it is his. if you've got any Q's about where things are from n stuff just ask :)

this is my kind of my door view of my room. i have my little computer screen in the corner, my room is painted a duck-egg blue, i love it! dont ask me why ive got a dress hanging up, i just do! ive also got these lovely flowers my boyfriend bought me for easter, (dieting, didnt want an egg :P) ive got my absolutely adoreable swallow bedding (primarni!) .....

This is another door-angle i feel like my wall is too cluttered, but hey! ive got this massive picture hanger with all family pics, pics of my parents, baby pics. me and Nathan. all sorts! the big Manchester city shirt is obviously Nathans, i made it for him for valentines day :) the last bit is a birdcage clock. )i wouldve involved some small close-up pics but it wouldve made this farrr too long! but yeah, my gran got me that for christmas :) my wallpaper is from monsoon aswell. :)

My bedside table wasnt always awkwardly here like this, i used to have a beautiful day bed, which was only a single. so all my furniture fitted properly. then when nathan moved in we had to get a double so my bedside table has been crushed in there haha, with the playstation! (not very 'boudoir' i know.)ive got my mirror on this wall aswell. wich i LOVE. it has an adorable little cherub on top of it. which is so cute. ive got my red ottoman which has my army of handbags inside it. and my chest of drawers whih contains mine and nathans underwear and beauty stuff. 

i had to get this bookcase to sit on top of my chest of drawers because all this crap wouldn't fit on top of the drawers.on the top is (more) pictures. and mine and Nathan's lucky bamboo plant (which is dying, meeeh!) first shelf is like, my perfumes and stuff, and a couple of jewellery boxes.  Second shelf is all nathans stuff (minus the the curlers) and ps3 games, etc..  last shelf is my vanity case (if anyone wanted a 'whats in my vanity case' post. ask. and ill do one. hahaha then just jewellery storage. creams, etc. 

i doo have 2 wardrobes. i did have clothes in both before the man moved in, but then i had to reduce my clothes and cram the remainders into one! so yeah, ones mine, ones his. on one of them i hang all my necklaces, on the other is scarves/belts. on top of the small wardrobe is a shoe rack (which i found had been flytipped. in mint condition! so yeah, had that for myself thankyou. haha) And a bag full of bags.. (lush, body shop, topshop) i like to keep paper bags, cause i might need one at some point.. i dont know.) on the other wardrobe is my lovely cath kidston overnight bag with all hair bits, hair dryer, straightners, curlers, brushes, etc.  and the boyfriends bike helmet. Also ive got my little bloomingdales bag which my lovely mummy bought me from NYC. its just got some bath bombs and other lush bits inside. 

So, thats my room! if youve read through all that and took an interest, then thankyou!! 
:) xxxxx


  1. I love the color of your room. I also love how your necklaces and belts are on wardrobe.


    1. Thanks (: I literally don't have ANY storage space left haha, so I've got no choice :P x

  2. I lurrrve room tour posts :) yours is so cute. xxx

  3. Aw thanks! :D don't forget to enter my giveaway! Xx

  4. Beautiful bedroom :) I love that shade of blue, so relaxing :) xx

    1. THankyou. That's why I went for the wallpaper, love the duck-egg colour. Boyfriend hates it though! Haha x