Monday, 23 April 2012

Spiral Curls & JOTD!

Since ive got my hair short. ive found it really difficult to curl my hair with a curling tong without burning my hands, so ive been using these curlers by Remington, which you can buy on various websites and eBay, mine are quite old now, but they never let me down! they live in an 'incubator' type case, i think it looks a bit like a sea anenomy. aha. so you plus it in, and the flexible rubber rollers get hot. then you just wrap your hair around as you would with any other flexi roller. then you simply push the rubber 'zig-zags' through the hole. and your hair should be held in place. youll eventually end up with this lovely attractive heap of curlers on your head. leave them for 10-15 (depending on your hair type. if you have naturally curly hair they will work quicker) minutes and carefully take them out and you should be left with lovely spiral curls. and dont take nearly as long as using tongs!

The jewellery im wearing today is new to Bijoux Jewellery

im loving spikes at the moment, and ive already made my small spike necklace, but i thought id do something a little more extreeme. 

You can purchase this set HERE!

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