Tuesday, 17 April 2012

whats in my bag TAG & OOTD

i couldnt think of a blogk that i could do, so i thought id go with a whats in my bag today. so, here you go!

i know that soooo many people have this bag, but for good reason, its gorgeous! if only i could afford the real rocco bag! its just a plain black leather effect bag, with studs on the bottom and a floral lining. 

i do always have quite a clean bag because i do clean it out quite often. im not 'fake' or whatever, lol. 

so heres some of the bits i have in my bag on a daily basis. :)
ipad, (case: Accessorize)
Studded Purse- River island
Notebook: Cath kidston
Travel card holder: Cath kidston
HSBC secure key.
Pink aviator glasses:  cant rememberr! M&S i think?
me to you tissues :3
ipod (case: Ebay)
white Musk body spray: the body shop
makeup Bag: MAC
Leather gloves: Accessorize
L Keyring: Accessorize
Headphone Splitter: Accessorize

Inside my Travel makeup bag:

Mirror: Dandy @ disaster designs
Pressed Powder: ELF
blotting tissues: Body shop
tinted moisturiser: ELF
feminax (just in case, lol!) 
Comb: Body shop
Lipstick Holder: local boutique
Lip balm: Body shop Lychee glitter lip balm

astec tunic: River island
Jacket: F&F at tesco
Necklace: Accessorize
Rings: river island, Dorothy Perkins, Peacocks
Boots: evans
Nails: Pearlised blue w/disco ball top coat
studded bow gloves: Accessorize

I was so happy that the sun came out this afternoon, me and morgan had a little chill time on the grass in the garden :) 


  1. the neckalce is so original...i really love the pastels

    cute dog


  2. Great posts! I love reading tags!
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    Check it out and enter for a chance to win! :)

  3. Oh my godness your springer is so cute xxx