Thursday, 17 May 2012

Chilli pepper London makeup.

hey guys, :) im just doing a quick review today of some gorgeous makeup palettes!
i don't normally buy the makeup sets from boots around Christmas time, because i wasn't sure what kind of quality they'll be. but i picked up a couple of these a while ago. and got a couple more last time boots had them in, they're a brand called "Chili Pepper London" and they're in these lovely little palettes. i have 4 palettes all together. but will be going into boots to buy a few more when they're back in the autumn. to be honest i was first attracted to these because of the packaging, which is lovely! but then i was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bits inside. they're £8 each i think, so they're well worth the money! so here's some swatches for you :)

The first one is the 'warm' eye shadow palette. which is all quite warm colours. as you can see they're really pigmented, i love them! i sometimes use the white colour as a highlight too. 

Next, ive got the 'cool' palette. im not as keen as i am on the warm colours, but i still love it. these colours are great for a smokey eyed look. and again, they're quite pigmented for the price.

I also have a 'cream shadow' palette. which is eyelid and cheeks tints, i love this! they're great subtle tints, or a great base for the eye shadows to go on top of.

the last palette is quite big, so i couldn't swatch all of them! i love all the bright colours, as well as the nude ones. the lighter colours are great for highlighters, and the shadows are gorgeous! i love the lip colours too. theyre a really lovely subtle tint. 

so thanks for reading my review, id definitely recommend this brand when it comes back into boots stores in the autumn!

:) xx


  1. My Chilli Peppers palette (warm) is not at all that pigmented and shimmery! Is it possible I got a bad kit?

    I made a review of the product on my blog! :)

  2. sorry for the slow reply!!

    that sucks! the colours in my pallete are really soft and pigmented! i guess you mustve just got a bad one,
    ill go and check out your review x

  3. I have had the big palette since I was 19. I still got it and I am in the habit on using certain colour eyeshadows for work different seasons, day outs, night outs, and occasions. I sometimes wear the lip colours.