Friday, 11 May 2012


River Island | Dorothy Perkins | BHS | Topshop | Miss selfridge
First off, im sorry i haven't posted in soo long! been busy with college and stufff. 
i needed to go out shopping the other day to get some new clothes because at college being in the workshop we're only allowed to wear cotton clothing, and nothing too complicated (health and safety, ugh. lol)
&as im always skint, my lovely mummy treated me, :* <3 
so i needed to get myself some big comfy shirts to wear over leggins&jeans, etc.  so sorry, nothing interesting, just thought id show some of the cute tops i got. (and a little bit of jewellery, hehe)
i also got some lovely thick jeggins, and a pair of creepers. because im small, its great to have an extra inch or so!
In BHS, i found a lovely brand called 'boho style' its mostly soft cotton summery clothing, so i got a couple of bits :)

| Dorothy Perkins |

| River Island |

| BHS - Olive & Olivia |

| Jewellery! :) |

Earrings: L-R topshop, topshop, Miss Selfridge

Ring: Miss Selfridge

ring: ebay

 Stacking Rings: Ebay

i also tried on my bridesmaids outfit for my cousins wedding later this year, i forgot to take a picture, sorryyy! but i wanted to show you my gorgeous shoes. how gorgeous?!

shoes- New Look

anyway, i definitely will not leave it so long before my next post, hope you guys enjoyed! 


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  1. These are all awesome! My favs are the hands ring, bunny ears ring, and shoes!