Tuesday, 12 June 2012


so for ANYONE who reads cosmo, im sure youve all had flyers for a free 'graze' box. now usually i would ignore it, but i thought id get one and see what its all about,  and i actually really love it! i went online, and from a huge list of healthy and natural treats i picked the things that looked nice, and 4 of those were randomly selected and put into my box, you can schedule your box every week or every couple of days or whatever you like, or you can just buy them one at a time, you can order then to work or home, which is great for that 3 oclock snack craving! so in my box i got:

Cherry tomato, basil & pesto bread
chocolate pudding (natural chocolate drops with assorted raisins)
Apple and cinnamon flapjack
Summer pudding (assorted nuts and yoghurt raisins)

i love that every choice is in a little packet by its self, so it can be put in your bag or something for on the go snacking!

i just think these boxes are a great idea, a quick order in snack, without all the calories!

Body Shop Fragrance

so a few months ago when i signed up for my body shop card, i was abler to choose a free body mist, (you should definitely get one by the way, 10% off every order!) i chose the 'white musk libertine' one, and i was surprised by how strong and gorgeous it was, considering it was a body mist, it was very perfum-ey, and i wear it most days instead of perfume, and i always get comments on smelling nice when i wear it, and as my Dior hypnotic poison has decided to completely stop pumping, (if anyone could tell me whats up with that or how to fix it id love you!) i decided to order the actual perfume, and the body wash, so i can layer. im also planning on buying the body lotion when i next go into the body shop. so yeah, LOVE this, and all the other body shop fragrances, they're gorgeous, definitely 100% reccomend! here's some pics :)

Friday, 1 June 2012

E.L.F Mineral Makeup +MUA REVIEW

Hiya, so i wanted to do a review on a few makeup products ive bought recently. so i'll start with the ELF mineral line, my mother has been nagging at me for so long to try using mineral makeup, but i couldn't believe her that it would genuinely have good coverage. but i decided to try some out anyway, so i went for ELF, instead of going straight for the pricey stuff. and i have to say, i love it. it has a lovely natural, but effective coverage. i bought the concealer, and foundation, and the 'mineral booster'. i bought all these in the lightest shades, because im very white. lol.

theyre absolutely lovely to apply (with the right brushes) and stay all day, and look so light and natural, not cakey at all.
id definitely reccomend these products! 

the next makeup i want to review is MUA. i know mua is very popular in the blogging world. but i have to say, i really do NOT like it! i was looking for a bright pink lipstick. and found a gorgeous one from accessorize. (will show when i go back to get it) so i went to see if MUa had a similar colour because they are only £1, and you definitely pay for the quality! the colour of the lipstick its-self looks so bright, and on the lips its just thin and watery with hardly any colour. i was very dissapointed. i also picked up a nude colour which still didnt thrill, but wasnt too bad. I also bought a blush which is alright, but not as vivid as you would think from looking, id much rather pay for quality like MAC of benefit. 


Im sorry i haven't posted in soo long! ive been really busy :) but it means ive got quite a lot of posts to do!
so i'll start off with some stuff my boyfriend bought me back when he went to Manchester to see his family a couple of weeks ago,
there's a market stall in gorton market which sells the most lovely bags at great prices, so i can never resist getting one, so i thought it was so sweet that Nathan didn't forget and bought me one back. <3
first was this bag, which i LOVE, i love studs, and i love this shape of bag, it fits absolutely everything i need in it, including my Ipad, which is a massive bonus

He also bought me back loads of earrings from Republic, because we don't have one near us, and he said id love it in there! So here they are :) i think they were all between £5-£8, im not sure :)

The last couple of things i bought were this bracelett from accessorize, i thought if treat myself on the way home from college so picked this up because its just so pretty :) i couldnt help myself changing it a little though, and i changed the little pink tassle it had on it for a skull. :) i think this was about £6 
and as you guys know, i get ALOT of stuff from my favourite little boutique, rosie and dolly, and i bought this gorgeous scarf the other day, its a lovely light chiffon meterial, Great for summer! and has this beautiful parrot print on it, im a sucker for anything with bird print! 

Last, me and nathan bought this lovely piggy bank, its one of those which you cant get into unless you actually smash it. so we're saving a holiday fund up!