Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Body Shop Fragrance

so a few months ago when i signed up for my body shop card, i was abler to choose a free body mist, (you should definitely get one by the way, 10% off every order!) i chose the 'white musk libertine' one, and i was surprised by how strong and gorgeous it was, considering it was a body mist, it was very perfum-ey, and i wear it most days instead of perfume, and i always get comments on smelling nice when i wear it, and as my Dior hypnotic poison has decided to completely stop pumping, (if anyone could tell me whats up with that or how to fix it id love you!) i decided to order the actual perfume, and the body wash, so i can layer. im also planning on buying the body lotion when i next go into the body shop. so yeah, LOVE this, and all the other body shop fragrances, they're gorgeous, definitely 100% reccomend! here's some pics :)

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  1. I used to love The Body Shop fragrances when I was in high school - my favourite was White Musk :) I still like it a lot to this day!