Friday, 1 June 2012

E.L.F Mineral Makeup +MUA REVIEW

Hiya, so i wanted to do a review on a few makeup products ive bought recently. so i'll start with the ELF mineral line, my mother has been nagging at me for so long to try using mineral makeup, but i couldn't believe her that it would genuinely have good coverage. but i decided to try some out anyway, so i went for ELF, instead of going straight for the pricey stuff. and i have to say, i love it. it has a lovely natural, but effective coverage. i bought the concealer, and foundation, and the 'mineral booster'. i bought all these in the lightest shades, because im very white. lol.

theyre absolutely lovely to apply (with the right brushes) and stay all day, and look so light and natural, not cakey at all.
id definitely reccomend these products! 

the next makeup i want to review is MUA. i know mua is very popular in the blogging world. but i have to say, i really do NOT like it! i was looking for a bright pink lipstick. and found a gorgeous one from accessorize. (will show when i go back to get it) so i went to see if MUa had a similar colour because they are only £1, and you definitely pay for the quality! the colour of the lipstick its-self looks so bright, and on the lips its just thin and watery with hardly any colour. i was very dissapointed. i also picked up a nude colour which still didnt thrill, but wasnt too bad. I also bought a blush which is alright, but not as vivid as you would think from looking, id much rather pay for quality like MAC of benefit. 

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