Tuesday, 12 June 2012


so for ANYONE who reads cosmo, im sure youve all had flyers for a free 'graze' box. now usually i would ignore it, but i thought id get one and see what its all about,  and i actually really love it! i went online, and from a huge list of healthy and natural treats i picked the things that looked nice, and 4 of those were randomly selected and put into my box, you can schedule your box every week or every couple of days or whatever you like, or you can just buy them one at a time, you can order then to work or home, which is great for that 3 oclock snack craving! so in my box i got:

Cherry tomato, basil & pesto bread
chocolate pudding (natural chocolate drops with assorted raisins)
Apple and cinnamon flapjack
Summer pudding (assorted nuts and yoghurt raisins)

i love that every choice is in a little packet by its self, so it can be put in your bag or something for on the go snacking!

i just think these boxes are a great idea, a quick order in snack, without all the calories!


  1. Ive awarded you the Liebster Award <3 xxx

  2. I seriously need to order one of these soon, i've heard so many lovely things about them! Lovely post :)xo

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