Sunday, 5 August 2012

Im officially on the road!

Ive been wanting to get on the road for soooo long! and i just cannot afford to run a car, so i went for a moped. and im loving it, its so easy and cheap to get around, ive got so much more freedom! me and nathan love riding about together, and people are always pointing at our bikes, romanticly chained together, haha!

my lovely dad and boyfriend helped me get my bike from this colour...

To this colour! i love it!

im so happy with it!


Little haul | Bag tutorial coming soon!

Hey! as i havent blogged for a while, i thought id do a little haul. i have quite a few clothing items ive bought recently. but i'll probably just do another haul when i remember all the little bits ive bought recently.

So, im loving silver rings at the moment, ive sort of put all my big costume rings to a side.
and i was really happy when i saw that a shop in the town i live in, was having a massive sale on "truth" rings, which i believe usually retail for around £15-£30 each. well, they are selling them off for £5 each, or 3 for £10. as the shop is having a massive clearance sale. so i had to snap up a few!

1.  i just loved this one because it was a triangle. and it has the prettiest yellow stone in it!
2. oh, exscuse the yellow-ness of this picture! i loved this little petite blue stone, so lovely and simple.
3. i liked that this one didnt have any bling on it, so it can be worn with others and not look 'too much' plus, again, so preety!
4. there was a few of these with different stones in them, but i went for tigers eye, my birth stone!
5. i love this simple elegant pattern on the plane silver band, great for stacking with any of the others!
6. all these rings have a lovely expensive finnish to them hallmarked with the 'truth' logo. inside every ring.

Next, i picked up a few bits in sainsburys, as they had a 50% off sale on the clothes. i picked up this lovely dress. its Midi length, some might think its a little garish, but i love it, i think this will look great with a plain black blazer and flats when the sun is out!

i also treated myself to some JC Lita dupes. because i cant afford the real thing just yet! :( but they are still gorgeous!
Theyre by the same brand as my beloved black velver style wedge ankle boots, "truffle" they actually seem to be a really nice quality. i got them off ebay for around £25

I know i have more than this stored away, i just havent had chance to photograph everything yet, but there will be more!
now, moving on...


So, i made this bag a while back, its a lovely Sloppy Quilted bag, its so great for just throwing stuff in and fits a surprising amount!
Its so simple to make, i'll be doing a tutorial for a bag but with other different meterials, much like this one very soon, so watch this space!



I'm back! | Level 2 Dimploma Finnished!

Hey Guys!
 I am So sorry i havent blogged in such a long time. i know that all my posts are starting with this recently.
but i really am starting up properly now. ive been very busy with college, and bijoux design, plus my dads been in hospital.
So its been very stressful!
I'm also going to try and improve my blog like, alot! im going to start using a better camera to do my pictures. and generally put more time and TLC into my blog. So Watch this space! Because i'll hopefully be majourly improving.

So im hoping to have a loverly relaxed summer, With lots and lots of blogloving!


Debdale park, Manchester

Well, i can officially, and proudly say, i have finnished my level 2 diploma in jewellery design and manufacture!
i'm so pleased. i am already on my level 3 course, however we have broken up briefly during the olympics, which i am glad about!
So i just wanted to show you guys a few of the pieces that i've made on my level 2 Course.
i hope you like them!

Thanks for reading, i hope you hadnt forgotten about me!