Monday, 10 September 2012

| August favourites |

| August Favorites |

Hey guys, just a quick update of some products i am LOVING this month, there are tons of products ive been using to death, but these are definitely the cream of the crop.
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Cherry Carmex lip balm: i know this is totally raved about in the blog world. and for good reason! this is absolutely gorgeous, i actually prefer this to higher end lip balms like MAC or liz earle. i know it sounds strange but this feels really refreshing on the lips. and smells really strongly, but not sickly, which i think is  absolutely lovely. plus, its so purse friendly too! 

The Body shop - Mineral blotting tissues: i absolutely love these, being someone who suffers quite bad oily skin, blotting tissues are an absolute handbag essential, ive actually repurchased these already, as i love them so much, as i wear mineral makeup i also love that they're mineral powder. 100% reccomend 
Barry M Lipstick in Shade 145 : So, im absolutely loving pink lipsticks at the moment, and at the moment this has been one of my favorites, this looks a lot darker on the stick than it does on the lips. this lipstick is quite glossy so i do like to set this one a little bit with some powder, but for just under a fiver, im really impressed!
Estée Lauder Pure colour Lipstick in 116 Candy : This lipstick is a beautiful colour, It is really pigmented, but also has a little shimmer in it, which i think is lovely, it has amazing staying power and doesn't budge at all! i think its definitely worth the extra money for a higher end lipstick. 
*swatches below*

Liz Earle Spot on: We all have those times when we get break outs, and ill tell you, this is a miracle worker! Literally, you put it on a spot. and its gone within 48 hours. its so great, but its also great for insect bites (great for this time of year!) Definitely worth a cheeky purchase!
The body shop smokey eyes palette: i got this pallet for Christmas, but only really discovered it recently. these colours are just so great. as you can see, the colours aren't MEGA pigmented. but theyre still really good for a smokey eye. the white is actually really really pigmented. which is great for the inner corners. the grey and the black arent too pigmented but are still good! the silvery colour is like a gel, which is good for a little sparkle! it also included a little eyeliner and a brush. i will try and do a FOTD with this pallet! 

Natural collection Lilac Shimmer: this pretty much represents all lilac eye shadows, i also have an Estée Lauder one which i have been using, but im planning on doing a review on that entire pallete! 
i love these shadows, they seem to make my eyes pop that little bit more. im not sure why this one has 'shimmer' in it, as i think its pretty matte. Plus, natural collection is inexpensive. win!

General Aussie Products!: So, im LOVING Aussie products at the moment. especially the frizz remedy collection. they're just so gorgeous and give my hair a lovely shine. plus, theyre £ for £10 in a few places at the moment, gogogo!

Anyway, thanks for reading guys! :)

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