Tuesday, 18 September 2012

| Glade candles |

| L-R With Love, Relaxing Zen, Orange and spice |

I know this is a bit of a random post. how i have to just rave about these candles for a sec. now i usually use candles like, Yankee candles, and other pretty smelling things. when i saw these in Morrisons for £2 each, i thought id try one, i went ahead and bought the 'Pure Zen' scent. and, i don know if its because Glade is an air freshener brand, but these smell SO strong! they will fill your room with scent after a couple of minutes of burning, they're just so good. the scents are really great too. they also burn for a very very long time! So, i decided to go back and buy 2 more!
Relaxing Zen: this candle is a very fresh scent, which i love, as i am a big fan of yankee's clean cotton, and fluffy towels, soft blanket.. etc! it fills the room with a gorgeous clean smell, cant really go wrong, 
Orange and Spice: this scent is absolutely beautiful, its very warm and cosy, it'll be lovely for burning around Christmas time, fruity and fresh, yet warm and spicy, mm, 
With Love: this candle is definitely my favorite! i KID you not, this genuinely smells like Dior J'adore! it smells really womanly and perfumey, perfect for burning in a bedroom or bathroom. absolutely love this one!

Relaxing Zen

With Love 

Apple and Spice

so anyway, i know this post was a little different, but i thought id let you guys know that if you see these, they're well worth picking up! thanks for reading!


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