Tuesday, 18 September 2012

| Holy grail hair products |

so, although my hair isn't incredibly long, im constantly on the search for the perfect hair products to keep it in tip top condition, and im pretty sure im almost there. now, i do look after my hair, i rarely use straighteners or curlers on it, as i have naturally curly hair, and i will usually just plait it or put it up. so my hair doesn't get overly damaged. how ever i do still use quite an array of products, and this is just a quick overview of my favorites! 

TONI&GUY twist it curl balm: £6.99 100ml
For Defined curls
i use this Most evenings, when i wash my hair and put it in a plait at night, so my hair turns out super curly in the mornings! this is a really nice balm. it doesn't give your hair that horrible crusty feeling which a lot of curling products can leave on the hair (yes, ive tried a lot, yuk!) i think i got this on a 3 for £10 on Toni and guy. so i cant remember the exact price. but its well worth it, it has a gorgeous smell too, which really lingers on your hair. 

Aussie 3 minute miracle, Frizz remedy, Deep treatment: £4.50  250ml
 for misbehaving, frizzy hair. With Aloe Vera and Austraillian jojoba seed oil
i must admit, i am the kind to forget to use hair masks, even though they do Soo much good! i use this about once or twice a week and i really like this treatment, its lovely and thick, and smells AMAZING! this leaves my hair with a lovely shine to it. and it feels very conditioned and.. just.. nice :) just what it says on the tin!

The Body Shop Detangling spray: £6 250ml
For colored hair, with pracaxi oil, bilberry extract and linseed oil
this is a really nice product, i use it pretty much every day. and my hair does get slightly tangled. because it's curly and thick. but i mainly love this because of the smell. it smells like berries and fruit, its just gorrrgeous! it does make your hair feel really silky and smooth, which makes it very easy to brush out. id definitely reccomend this for people who have longer hair which knots easier! 

Aussie Dual personality Heat protection spray: £4.99 150ml
with Austraillian jojoba seed oil 
not a huge amount to say on this product. its just my favorite heat protection spray that ive ever used. it smells really nice, and seems to stop my hair dryer drying out my hair too much. the smell is lovely and lingers on the hair. 

Umberto Gianni Spa Rituals Overnight magic hair repair: £7.99 ish, i think! 150 ml
this 'no rinse' special remedy with bergamot, lavender, and honey, conditions, nourishes, beautifully smooths your hair whilst you sleep.
This is a very interesting product i think! im not used to using a hair mask which you don't wash off. but i definitely prefer this. this leaves my hair lovely and silky and smooth, and shiny, again is use this about once or twice a week, alternated with my Aussie 3 minute miracle.

*sorry for the terrible picture! this was such a hard bottle to photograph!*
TONI&GUY finishing shine spray: £5 100ml
For sparkling shine
ive definitely saved my absolute favorite hair product for last, i adore this spray! its a fine mist which you just spritz over any style, and it leaves a lovely, silky shine. i use this every day, and have already repurchased. i cant talk this product up enough! love love love!

Anyway guys, thanks for reading!

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