Friday, 5 October 2012

| Benefit Brow Zings |

So today i wanted to do a quick review on one of my all time Favorite holy grail makeup products.
Benefit brow zings is a makeup bag staple for me, and now that I've got the dark and light kits, i could do a proper review!
so the kit includes;

  • Pigmented wax for shaping
  • Natural shaded powder for setting
  • Discreet tweezers
  • Hard angle brush
  • Blending brush

a few years back, whilst at the vitality show, i bought the 'Brows-a-gogo' kit, which is what led me to falling in love with my benefit brow kits. you can go and check brows-a-gogo out HERE!
so once i ran low, i was practically running out to my nearest benefit store, to repurchase the brow kit. 
I've used the dark kit for a couple of years now, and i don't think a day has gone by when i haven't used this bad boy, and ive only just hit pan, which is pretty impressive! so you're definitely getting your money's worth! 
i recently decided i needed the light kit in my life as well, because, as much as i am a fan of gorgeous bold brows, some days its nice to be a little more subtle. 


So, what IS the brow zings kit? well, firstly, there's a lovely creamy wax, which you use to shape your brows, with the Hard angle brush. This keeps them perfectly in shape and secure! Plus, its pigmented, so you're adding a little colour already, next,  you use the powder, and smooth it over the wax, to set your brows. with the super-soft blending brush. they also include an adorable pair of handy mini tweezers, to pluck away any annoying stray hairs!
they also include a cute little how-to guide, for new benebabes!
and viola, fabulous brows!

Anyway, i hope you guys liked this review, id definitely reccomend this product for perfect brows!

thanks for reading,


  1. Great review, I love a Good defined eyebrow!


  2. Thankyou!! (Sorry about the painfully slow reply!)


  3. Thankyou!! (Sorry about the painfully slow reply!)