Saturday, 5 January 2013

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so, as you guys may or may not know, i am a massive candle hoarder, i love them. soo i thought id do a quick overview of my current favourite candles/oils. Some of these are year round candles, some are festive editions, but i think every scent can be enjoyed all year round! (also, alot of them may be on sale now, so bonus!)

so, enjoy! :)

festive yankee candle (christmas tree):
I think this is definitely a marmite kind of scent, you either love it or hate it! A few of my family did make funny faces when they sniffed it, but im definitely a lover! It is a lovely natural woody scent. I wouldnt describe it as the scent of a Christmas tree, but its really nice! Its definitely one which smells very different burning than it does in the jar.

Kew botanical gardens candle (lemongrass):
This has seriously got to be my favorite candle of the YEAR! I absolutely adore it. It is the most gorgeous scent ever! I picked this up in waitrose in December and haven't stopped burning it, it is seriously beautiful, and very high quality. Ill definitely be buying more from this brand!

Festive Yankee candle (sparkling cinnamon):
Well, this one definitely hits you when you go to sniff it! Its definitely the strongest candle i own, if youre a cinnamon lover like me, this is lovely! It fills the room very quickly and i can see it lasting me a long time! I absolutely love yankee and believe theyre totally worth the money!

Marks and spencer refresher oils (mandarin clove and cinnamon, frankensence and myrhh):
Its only been in the last couple of months that ive really explored oil burning rather than always going for candles. And these 2 gorgeous ones from m&s have been really nice burning over christmas, and at 2.50 theyre a cheaper alternative to candles. They fill the room with lovely fragrance so quickly and you only need a couple of drops, so they last ages! Gorgeous!

Anyway; thanks for reading!

- xo

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