Friday, 4 January 2013

| liz earle no15 |

| Liz Earle Botanical Essence No15 |

So here i am again, ranting about liz earle! But i cant help it, this brand never fails to impress me! Its been my favourite 2012 brand, and to top off the year, i received one of their fragrances for christmas!
My mum used to use the origional liz earle fragrance, and i wasnt actually incredibly keen on it. Although when we recieved a sample for the 'no15' perfume, we both fell in love with it! The beauty of it is, its deinitely the kind of fragrance which smells different on different people, on my skin, it smells VERY sandalwoody, which is lovely, as its one of my favourite scents, :)

I really like the way the packaging has been done for this perfume. Its kind of a magnetic wrap around box, and what i particularly liked was the various ingredients listed on the inside, with the illustrations on the outside. I think that the info packed box and the simplistic white bottle is just lovely!

So, once again, big thumbs up liz! I can see this being my staple perfume for some time.
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