Friday, 4 January 2013

| New Years Resolution! |

so, ive been absoluely crap at blogging in the second half of this year, ive actually found it really hard getting the oppertunity to do it! my laptop is a bit knackered, lots of the letter keys are broken, and its quite difficult to type out a blog :P as soon as i can afford to get my laptop fixed i will be up and blogging regularly!

i also recently got an iphone, but i havent yet found a decent blogging app which will allow me to blog from my phone, (theyre all a little awkward and difficult to use!:()

so anyway, for the meantime, whenever i can get my hands on my mum or dads computers, ill be blogging as much as you like,

Please stick with me and dont ditch me haha! i will be back very soon!

i hope you all had a great christmas and a happy new year!


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