Friday, 4 January 2013

| Whats in my everyday makeup bag? |

Hey guys, so i thought id do a 'whats in my makeup bag' post, as i find them really interedsting to read, and id like to share my holygrail products with you :)
so, lets goo!

Liz earle sheer skin tint (bare01) -
This has definitely become a staple of my makeup bag, i absolutely love it! A little tiny bit of this goes such a long way, obviously it doesnt have the most amazing coverage, so i wouldnt use this on a 'bad skin day' but it does a great job at covering any redness i might get :)
You can get this from liz earle for £21 HERE

Liz Earle signature foundation (Porcelain): ( wouldnt let me upload pic!! :( )
Yup, another liz earle face product! ill use this foundation when i want a little more coverage than the skin tint, this is a gorgeous foundation, its silky and lightweight, it goes on like a dream, and it actually matches my skin tone! i think its well worth the price, and definitely lives up to liz earle's hyped up name! you can read about me raving on about all things liz earle HERE! you can also buy this foundation for £21 From HERE

Benefit Boi-ing concealer (01 light)
i do actually really love this concealer, i have always been a benefit fan and always speak highly of their makeup, (as you'll also see in the rest of this post!) although, the only negative point in this product is thta i wouldnt say its the 'industrial strength' which benefit sell it as. i wouldnt say its a really heavy coverage concealer. however, it is a lovely texture,nice, brightening colour and works well for my skin. you can buy this concealer from benefit for £16.50 HERE

Esteé Lauder deluxe all over face compact
(13 Rose wood) (11 nude rose) (01 bronze godess)
im really really loving this trio at the moment, i think the dusky pink tones work with my pale skin work really well, plus the bronzer is great for helping me with getting a little bit of glow to my face without looking orange, i actually cant find this online, i dont know is this exact version is available online, but all of the colours are available as individual blushes.

Esteé Lauder lucidity Translucent loose powder
there isnt a huge amount to be said about a face powder, i do really love it though, its a very silky powder, and applies really easily, not too much fall out. and doesnt look cakey at all. 10/10! you can buy this powder HERE

MAC smoke and mirrors eyeshadow pallete (special edition)
(fire in her eyes) (wide eyed wonder) (black magique) (spell no 9)
(deception) (smoke and mirrors)
this pallete is A-MAZING! i love it! this is like my naked pallete substitute, my dad bought me this years back, and its still going strong! as you can see i have only hit pan on one colour, so they last amazingly long! theyre so well pigmented, great lasting power, beautiful colours, the list goes on! *love!* this pallete was a special edition with some brushes and stuff, but im sure you can find it online on ebay somewhere.


Benefit "They're Real!" mascara:
This mascara is amazing! i love it! there is only one downside to this product, and that's the price tag! i love the brush on this, i personally really like plastic brushes on mascara's, so its perfect, i also love the end of the brush, because it has the round part at the top which is great for reaching the inner and outer corners of your lashes, and helps avoid any eye stabbing situations! you can buy the full sized product for £18.50 HERE, Or if the price tag is a little hefty, you can also try out the minature for around £7 from boots.

Benefit Magic ink liquid eyeliner:
i never thought that there was actually any difference between high end and high street makeup, and when my first magic ink ran out and i went back to my cheaper alternative, i really noticed the difference! this eyeliner goes on really nicely, its not watery at all, very pigmented, and doesnt budge all day! i love! im currently on my 3rd repurchase! worth every penny. you can buy this for £14.50 HERE

Benefit 'High beam' highlighter:
 im currently using the little trial size of this product, however, im definitely going to purchase the full size when i can afford it, this is a really lovely highlighter, its really creamy, the slight shimmer is lovely and it really makes that little difference! you can buy this for £18.50 HERE

Rimmel exaggerate Lip liner (eastend snob):
 not really a huge amount to review on this, but its a lovely liner, it compliments a lot of the lip colours i like to wear, its not too drying on the lips, it also has a nice friendly price tag, thumbs up :) you can buy this for £3.99 HERE
Thanks for reading guys!

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