Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My on- the-go essentials!!

Blogging on my phone again! The joys!
This is just a quick run down of all the bits i like to take out and about with me in my trusty makeup bag, :) here goes!!

1. Body shop mineral powder blotting sheets:
I love these body shop blotting sheets, they really help me when my oily skin is playing up, i like blotting any oilyness away, and going over with a bit of powder.

2. Natural collection pressed powder(cool):
Pretty self explaitory! Just for a touch up, i also carry my small MAC powder brush along with it!

3. Clarins hand and nail treatment cream:
I absolutely love this stuff, its a gorgeous thick cream which soaks in really well, it feels really luxurious and it smells lovely!

4. M&s mint breath refresher spray:
This one again is pretty self explanatory, this little spray is great for after a meal, or coffee, it makes you feel minty fresh again!

5. A pretty little tin of 'lady things' haha!

6. Lavender cooling stick( norfolk lavendar):
When i was a baby my grandma used to rub this on my head in cool weather, and i still do now! You just rub this little stick over your forehead and wrists and it gives a lovely cool feeling, plus, it smells lovely!

7. Soap and glory hand maid hand sanitizer:
I think everyone and their mother has one of these in their handbags! This is a lovely little hand sanitizer which smells gorgeous and cleans your hands up! Perfect!

8. Elemis loving lips lip balm:
I always have some sort of lip conditioning product, i put this one in after getting it as a freebie,i really love it because its so minty and fresh,

9: painkillers!

10. Mirror, of course! (Disaster designs)

11. Clarins (rebalancing fragrance):
This is the most perfect fragrance for on the go, its very soapy and fresh, just lovely when youve forgotten to spritz your perfume in the morning! Or a top up during the day :)

Also, i would usually carry whichever lipstick im wearing, and a lipcote, but im not wearing any today!

*bag is from accessorise

Thanks for reading! What are your travel essentials?? X

- xo

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