Saturday, 11 May 2013

| April favourites! |

Hey guys, so ive been away in manchester for the last fortnight or so, so most of these bits are things ive been using during april or when i was away, so yeahh! :)

1. Nailene white tip pen & OPI 'passion'
This is a duo favourite, ive been loving a nice simple french tip recently, and ive been doing mine with a white nail varnish for a while now which is a bit tedious and messy, so when i saw this pen i immediately picked it up! It goes on so quick and easy! It does chip easily, but with a top coat it has great staying power.
And that brings us on to the nail polish, there isnt a huge amount to be said about this particularly, its just the perfect french manicure colour! It doesnt make the white look dirty, but gives a lovely pale pink shiny top coat.

2. ELF lip stain in 'Red carpet'
This was the first 'stain' type product i have ever used, and i really really like it. Its a really orangey red, which will be lovely for S/S. i really like the lasting power of this, i wore this for a meal and drinks, (a situation where lipstick would not last!) and it stayed on really well, and for £3.50 you cant really complain! thumbs up!

3. St ives apricot scrub (sensitive)
Ive wanted to try this product for ages but never did, and i was on the look out for a new scrub after i ran out of my beloved neutrimetics honey and almond scrub, and i really like it, it doesn't irritate my skin, just leaves it feeling silky smooth, and it smells beautiful!

4. Neutrogena 'wave'
I think i am a little late with this product, i always used to see these around but never picked one up, well now i have! I really like this, i dont use the little pads for cleansing, i still use my LE cleanse and polish, but i put a drop of my apricot scrub on the pad and work it into my skin, its really easy to hold, and a really clean way of exfoliating. Love!

5. Chloè perfumes!
I know this is a little general but i just wanted to rave for a minute about my favourite scent, 'chloè eu de parfum' was the first ever grown up fragrange i bought at about 16, and ive adored it ever since. Its a really musky floral womanly scent, just beautiful, and the 'chloè eu de toilette' isnt much different, however i spray the toilette alot more liberally as its much cheaper.

6. Vo5 'hot oil'
This is a real treat for my hair when its in bad condition. Just leave this little tube in a cup of hot water untill it heats up and run it through the ends of your hair! (I like to mix it in with my conditioner) it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and well conditioned!

What did you guys love last month?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Just discovered your blog! So cute!! Was the lipstain drying?

    1. I use a matte lip balm under it and its fine :) x