Tuesday, 17 September 2013

| Top 10 - The Body Shop |

Helloo everyone, i wanted to start a new kind of series doing my 'top 10' products of various brands.
so i thought id start off with one of my FAVOURITE brands of all time, the body shop!
1. Strawberry Shower gel (750ml) & Body Polish (200ml)
I thought if make this one product, as they are quite similar, I love these! I have the big 750ml shower gel,which is well worth getting ass they last FOREVER. the body shop shower gels smell gorgeous and really linger on the skin, also you could layer your favourite scent to make it even stronger, the shower gel is nice and gentle and doesn't irritate my skin which is great.
I love the body polish for busy mornings when I might not have time to use a scrub, the tiny exfoliating pieces of strawberry Inside the gel buff your skin to perfection :) a great combo to have in the shower!

 2. Shea Body butter (200ml)
I must admit, I do prefer different scents in different products, my personal favourite in the body butter is the shea, or coconut (which Nathan has pinched)
I love these scents, and I love these budy butters, they sink into the skin quickly and the scents stay on the skin and make you smell delish!
don't really have a bad word to say about the body butters, and I KNOW they are very popular, so im sure you guys know how great they are too!
3. Coconut Body Scrub (200ml)
first off, the coconut scrub/butter smell a m a z i n g! its a really lovely coconut smell, it smells a bit like Malibu, which is great, its a really lovely fresh coconut smell. I cant get enough of this scrub, use it in the shower, rub it in until your skin is baby soft, l o v e! would highly recommend this product.
4. Beautifying Oils (Coconut/Strawberry/pink grapefruit) (100ml)
In my opinion, these oils are one of the best new body shop products, i absolutely love them.
once again, like all body shop products they leave your hair smelling gorgeous all day long, and you don't just need to stop there, mix them in with your moisturiser or body butter to soften your skin!
these leave my hair feeling super soft and shiny, and my skin feeling amazing! plus you only need a couple of drops to do the job, so this bottle will last you forever! 10/10!

5. Vitamin C Energising face spritz (100ml)
This is a product that i used quite a lot during the hot weather recently to freshen my skin during my no makeup days, this is a lovely refreshing face spritz, with vitamin C and aloe vera, and loads of other lovely bits!
This is really great to use after cleansing to refresh the skin, it brightens the skin and gives a lovely look.
6. Absinthe Purifying hand cream (100ml)
This is by far my favourite hand cream from the body shop, and id advise anyone who hasn't smelled it to pop into the shop and try it! its so lovely, and definitely doesn't smell as you expect. Its a very fresh scent which is really nice to use on the hands, its very moisturising, and makes your hands smell amazing. you can also buy this in a smaller 30ml version which is a charity product, bonus!
7. Extra Virgin Minerals Cream foundation (102 natural ivory)
this has been my go-to foundation for a couple of months now, I really, really like it, it doesn't have a crazy heavy coverage, however i haven't wanted anything heavy recently.  I love to apply this with a foundation brush, and buff it in with my stippling brush, it leaves a lovely sheer natural Finnish, this also comes with a small foundation brush within the compact, which is great for on the go.

 8. Indian Night jasmine EDT (50ml)
I love the smell of jasmine, and this perfume is B e a u t i f u l!
these isn't a huge lot to say on this product, except that it smells gorgeous, and has really great staying power, go and have a sniff :)
9. Shimmer cubes pallete 6 (Honeycomb/dark chocolate/marshmallow/choc chip)
These beautiful shimmery shadows are absolutely perfect for a night out, they create such gorgeous eye looks, and have amazing pigmentation! these eyeshadows arereally deep and will last you absolutely ages, so are well worth the money, the individual shadows also come out of the block, so great if you just wanted to pop one shadow in your handbag.

10. Nutriganics Drops of youth (30 ml)
this is probably the priciest products i have from the body shop, however, it is seriously amazing, at first glance you might think it would be like an oil, but it isn't, its a gel consistency, add a few drops of this to the back of your hand and rub it in, it will disappear into your skin almost instsntly, leaving you feeling soft and smooth and makeup ready. this has definitely made a noticeable difference to my skin, and has a lovely fresh scent. i will definitely be repurchasing it!

what are your favourite body shop products?
Thanks for reading!


Monday, 16 September 2013

REVIEW- Curlformers!

So, i NEED to rave about a new product i recently bought, i saw these floating around youtube, so i thought id show you guys how *AMAZING*these things are!
Now us girls love to find a way to give us beautiful curls without damaging our hair, these are the answer! Beautiful shiny curls, with no heat! I can safely say I will never be using heated curling tongs, I am just soo in love with these beauties! You can buy various lengths for various lengths of hair, and various widths depending on what type of curls you like, the kits can be purchased from the Curlformers website. Soo, I thought id go through the process step by step. :)

1. Slide the long hook into the curlformer..

2. Grab a small piece of hair, and twist at the root. Hook the piece of hair.

3. Pull the curlformer up to the root of your hair, and pull the hair through, and let the curlformer spring back.

4. Repeat! Your hair should look like this afterwards! (Soo attractive)

Basically, you can leave these in for as long or as little as you like, ive tried them lots of different ways, (sleeping is NOT comfortable, i wont lie, but its worth it!) if you have curly hair already like me, these will literally work in 10 minutes, so i thought id leave you some pics below, :)

Pic #1. About 2 hours wearing curlformers

Pic #2- overnight with curlformers

Pic #3- combed with a wide toothed comb

Pic #4- wearing curlformers for about 15-20 mins

Thanks for reading!!
- xo