Monday, 16 September 2013

REVIEW- Curlformers!

So, i NEED to rave about a new product i recently bought, i saw these floating around youtube, so i thought id show you guys how *AMAZING*these things are!
Now us girls love to find a way to give us beautiful curls without damaging our hair, these are the answer! Beautiful shiny curls, with no heat! I can safely say I will never be using heated curling tongs, I am just soo in love with these beauties! You can buy various lengths for various lengths of hair, and various widths depending on what type of curls you like, the kits can be purchased from the Curlformers website. Soo, I thought id go through the process step by step. :)

1. Slide the long hook into the curlformer..

2. Grab a small piece of hair, and twist at the root. Hook the piece of hair.

3. Pull the curlformer up to the root of your hair, and pull the hair through, and let the curlformer spring back.

4. Repeat! Your hair should look like this afterwards! (Soo attractive)

Basically, you can leave these in for as long or as little as you like, ive tried them lots of different ways, (sleeping is NOT comfortable, i wont lie, but its worth it!) if you have curly hair already like me, these will literally work in 10 minutes, so i thought id leave you some pics below, :)

Pic #1. About 2 hours wearing curlformers

Pic #2- overnight with curlformers

Pic #3- combed with a wide toothed comb

Pic #4- wearing curlformers for about 15-20 mins

Thanks for reading!!
- xo

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